Monday, October 1, 2012

 So, as my coworkers know, I actually tried out that pretzel recipe, and yum!  Let's just say they disappeared quickly.  I also tried my own little twist on these, making buckeyes with pretzels bits in them. 

More on that later...

So here is the basic list of ingredients:
1 cup creamy peanut butter
2 tbsp softened butter
1/2 cup powdered sugar (I used a good deal more)
3/4 cup brown sugar (I used less - didn't have enough!)
Pretzels (I bought a bag, used about half)
1 bag  semi-sweet chocolate chips (I used about 2/3-3/4)

The rest is a little time consuming, but pretty easy.  Grab a small ball of peanut butter and sandwich it between to pretzels, then shove them in the freezer.  

As I said, I also decided to try my had at making these into buckeyes (which use about the same ingredients).  I took a bunch of the broken pretzel pieces and used plastic bag and rolling pin to basically crush them into little chunks.  I mixed those in a little bit of the peanut butter mix that I was using in the pretzels, rolled those into balls, and shoved them in the freezer.

After sitting for about an hour (maybe less, I was impatient!) I melted some chocolate in a sauce pan and started dipping the pretzels.  I found it hard to get what I felt was "enough" on the tip of the pretzels, but I found it was super fast and easy to just drop them in face first.  :-)  I also dipped my buckeyes, then set everything back in the freezer.

While mine don't look as good as the recipe site, they certainly were tasty.  :-)

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